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Good Genes VIII...

...in which I go ahead and do a lot (and I do mean a lot) of genetic experimenting with a bunch of sims, and still I'm not 100% happy with the results.

So, Good Genes VIII is now in progress at Garden of Shadows, and, as I love the Good Genes challenge (I took part in III, IV and VI) and I've been home sick with a very annoying cold, it was time for some genetic experiments. Get ready, because there are quite a few of them...
(By the way, all the born in game sims were named after bones in the human skeleton/parts of said bones/etc. because I'm having Introduction to Forensic Anthropology classes this semester and thought that was a cool naming scheme; since there is a limited amount of bones with specific names and I had a lot of born in game sims, some of those eventually were reused, so you might see "so-and-so II" pop up.)

Attempt 1

For the first attempt, I bred the founder, Ragnarok, with Kerie Toyonaga (downtownie). Their middle child, Occipital, was bred to Kea Johnson (BV adult townie) in turn. Their eldest, Ethmoid, and townie Brandon Lillard (his hair dyed back to its original red colour) eventually produced Hamate, the final result for this attempt (and their third and youngest child). She was decent-looking, but didn't have the kind of combination of features I like to see in this challenge, so it was time to try again.

Attempt 2

For the second attempt, Ragnarok produced the second generation with premade Nylissit Tricou. Their oldest child, Frontal, brought on the third generation with the help of Damion Wade (adult BV townie). Then their second child, Sternum combined her genes with those of townie Andrea Hogan (whose hair has been dyed back to its original blonde colour), resulting in Humerus, their firstborn. I liked his overall combination of genetics much better than Hamate's, but he still had the custom eyes, so...

Attempt 3

...time for attempt #3. This time, Ragnarok bred with premade Vidcund Curious, the result being Sacrum (their third child). Sacrum was bred to premade Jennail Tricou, producing Capitate (their eldest). Finally, Capitate bred with premade Oberon Gossamer, with their oldest child, Cuneiform, being the final result of his attempt. Once again, I liked his genetics, but still felt like I could do better at this challenge.

Attempt 4

For the first generation, I had Ragnarok breed with teen townie Meadow Thayer. Their youngest child, Pisiform, was then bred to premade Gvaudoin Tricou. Their middle child, Triquetrum, then bred with Marylena Hamilton (teen BV townie), resulting in Zygomatic (their youngest child). This marked the first time during my many attempts at the challenge in which I was faced with a fairly annoying problem: I liked the genetics of the final sim, yes, but I liked the genetics of their parent, the generation 3 sim I had chosen, better. So I went for a fifth attempt.

Attempt 5

Ragnarok was bred to premade Fricorith Tricou; I chose their youngest child, Talus, to continue the line, and he bred with premade Cassandra Goth in turn. Their middle child, Palatine, was then chosen to bring on the last generation, together with Amber Dawn (teen BV townie), the final result being Lunate (their youngest). Again, I had a situation similar to the one in Attempt 2; I liked Lunate's genetics, but wanted to see if I could do better.

Attempt 6

Ragnarok was bred to exterminator Robi Charvat. Their third child, Coxal, bred with Académie Le Tour premade Marla Biggs, with their middle child, Calcaneus, then breeding with premade Titania Summerdream. The result of this attempt was True rib (Calcaneus and Titania's eldest). Why did I keep going? Same thing as above.

Attempt 7

*deep breath* In this one, Ragnarok produced generation 2 with Académie Le Tour premade Mitch Indie. Their youngest child, Gladiolus, brought on generation 3 with the help of mail carrier Pao Mellon. Then their middle child, Floating rib, was bred to premade Puck Summerdream to get the final generation, the result being Xiphoid process, their youngest. Again, I felt the same thing as in the case of Humerus and the others.
I swear I wasn't this picky with results during the other Good Genes challenges I took part in, back then I seemed to like the results I got after only one try, two or three at most. I don't know if the problem is in this particular starting sim or me, to be honest.

Attempt 8

In this 8th attempt and the following ones, I didn't introduce any new Maxis sims to the gene pool, I just used some of the ones from attempts 1-7 in different combinations.
So, for this attempt: Ragnarok was bred to Marylena Hamilton; their middle child, Fibula II, was bred to Andrea Hogan in turn; their eldest, Tibia II, then bred with Titania Summerdream to produce Cuboid II. And yes, I wasn't fully satisfied with the results yet...

Attempt 9A

...so I went for yet another attempt, and yes, I know I'm crazy. This time, we had Ragnarok breeding with Oberon Gossamer. Their oldest child, Occipital II, then produced generation 3 with Kerie Toyonaga. Occipital II and Kerie's middle child, Trapezium II, then got her genes mixed with Gvaudoin Tricou's to bring on the final generation. This resulted in Phalange II, their youngest. Who is a fairly attractive sim, really. Even if I felt the same way as before and though Trapezium II's genes were much better.
And yet I kept going...

Attempt 9B

Why attempt 9B and not 10, you ask? Well, because most of the family tree is the same as the one in 9A, all the way down to Trapezium II. In this semi-attempt, Trapezium was bred to a different Tricou (Fricorith) instead, resulting in Ischium II (her natural hair colour is blonde, by the way). Again, a rather pretty sim, right? (Unlike her older brothers, whose genetics were not good at all.)
Apparently that wasn't enough for that nagging little voice in my mind who told me to keep experimenting.

Attempt 10

This was my last attempt (so far, at least). Ragnarok was bred to Amber Dawn this time. Their oldest child, Alveolar II, was bred to Marla Biggs. Alveolar II and Marla's eldest, Stapes II, was bred to Puck Summerdream in turn, resulting in Coccyx II (their second child).

After this absurd amount of picspam (sorry about that, everyone), I would like some opinions on the final results of these attempts - do you all think any of them are good enough to post on GoS as an official entry? If so, which one(s)? Do you want to suggest any other Maxis sims/combinations that might end up having interesting results?

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